Update: Craig Thibodeau’s Egyptian Revival Cabinet

Arthur Dodge April 26, 2013

The cabinet is designed in the Egyptian Revival style which has certain key design elements; first is the tapering shape, wider at the base and narrowing slightly from the front and side views as it goes higher. Using the large cove molding to create the feeling of a crown on top of the cabinet helps to accentuate the tapered look. Craig Thibodeau used half round bullnose molding to separate the various elements of the cabinet into a small base, a central cabinet and the crowned top section.

Egyptian Revival Cabinet Front View

Using Yellowheart for this piece made for some interesting challenges, primary being finding enough Yellowheart lumber of the appropriate color and grain pattern to actually construct the cabinet. Most of the cabinet is actually resawn veneer cut from the same board that are used for legs and drawer fronts. I tried to keep the grain and color as uniform and subtle as possible so the overall shape was the primary feature.

Craig Thibodeau

Image of Egyptian Woodworkers Cutting and Bonding Veneers, Courtesy of Silas Kopf, Author of “A Marquetry Odyssey”