The Linley For Bentley With Handcrafted Marquetry Design

Arthur Dodge November 28, 2011

LINLEY recently collaborated with Bentley Motors on a limited edition of 10 Continental Flying Spurs. The limited edition CFS models will be sold in China, Bentley’s biggest four-door market.

Specially selected Linley veneers in Santos rosewood are being applied to the fascia, consol, waistrail and roof console and integrated within the cars for the first time. The veneers cover the entire wood surfaces of the model, where Bentley chestnut or walnut would normally be used.

LINLEY Helix motif in Marquetry with Santos Rosewood

The Linley Helix motif, from the Linley Helix Furniture Collection, is being set, using the highly specialized skill of marquetry inlay, into the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs. The Helix pattern is made up of four different types of veneer which contrast with the Santos rosewood to show the wave effect delivered by the marquetry.

Marquetry materials & techniques used to render helix design

The LINLEY for Bentley

 Quotes from David Linley’s recent interview with The Telegraph

My 50th birthday has made me reassess what we’re doing at Linley. We’ve redecorated the Pimlico showroom and changed our brand colour to bright blue to create a positive initial image. But our ethos hasn’t changed: I want everything we do to have a sense of humour. I expect it gets quite annoying but I’m constantly asking my designers to think about how they can make a product more fun; how they can add more secret drawers to a desk, or design the perfect tray to slide in to a safe. We’ve recently produced a car for Bentley and the challenge was to make it better than anything before it: the springiest seats; the most immaculate woodwork.

I always encourage my team to get out and see things that don’t have anything to do with furniture; the current exhibition of Shackleton’s photographs at the Queen’s Gallery in London, for example. It showcases a different level of human endeavour. How incredible that his team managed to bring 120 glass photographic plates across the Antarctic.

David Linley

Interview by Anna Tyzack, The Telegraph, 4:00PM GMT 24 Nov 2011

Video of the launch of the Linley for Bentley Limited Edition Continental Flying Spur

Making the LINLEY Helix motif with modern marquetry