Learning from an American Marquetry Master

Silas Kopf is being acknowledged as an American master with the James Renwick Alliance’s 2015 Master of the Medium Award and his marquetry workshops are in strong demand. Read all about it in this August update…

Jeff Nelson’s Illustrative Marquetry Art

“Threshold Of Summer”   As an observant viewer you’ll notice the ambiguities presented by this scene. You’re standing across the creek, or in the creek looking through the flora, being observed by the fauna as you approach: the koi in the creek; the lizard going up the stairs; the pair of rabbits on the stair […]

Gregg Novosad, Divine Design – Marrying Technology with Creativity

Craftsman and Teacher Gregg Novosad is combining an expertise in 21st century technology with a mastery of fine furniture making to explore new illustrative and expressive possibilities for marquetry and other forms of decorative veneering.http://www.clickdivine.com/ He has been published in Fine Woodworking, Woodwork and Woodworker’s Journal magazines, and is listed in Wood magazine’s “Gallery of […]