Bespoke Watch Box For Top Tennis Star

Tennis supernova Novak Djokovic has been holding aloft a lot of trophies lately. He’s doing Seiko proud as their brand ambassador. He sports an assortment of their activity-specific watches, including his signature limited edition Seiko Astron GPS Solar. Seiko president and CEO Shinji Hattori saw fit to have a bespoke watch box presented to Novak Djokovic in London, where he successfully defended his 4th ATP World Finals crown.

ARYMA’s Twist of Nature To Be Shown In Shanghai

In March (2-4) of this year ARYMA will be taking part in the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai, China. Their recently completed commission Twist of Nature, a large scale contemporary abstract marquetry triptych, will be on display at Shanghai’s Long Museum. Additionally, several of ARYMA’s highly skilled artisan-designers will be demonstrating marquetry craftsmanship in a live interactive showcase.

Marquetry Magnetism: Craig Thibodeau’s New Puzzle Cabinet

Craig Thibodeau’s Hong Kong-based client, an avid collector of puzzle boxes and mechanisms, was inspired by the idea of commissioning a puzzle cabinet. The project brief was for Craig Thibodeau to design the cabinet in his signature studio furniture style: with clean contemporary lines; subtle Asian styling and a nod to the elegant fine-veneering and graceful forms of the early Art Deco period. The piece was to incorporate puzzles and hidden mechanisms. The client, wanting to be delighted and surprised, preferred not to be specific about any of the details, materials or mechanisms.

Asher Israelow’s Modern Designs & Anamorphic Inlays

New York city native Asher Israelow graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with degrees in architecture and fine arts before establishing his Brooklyn-based studio and practice. His web site’s About page states: “Drawing on his training as an architect and a love of lore, Asher designs for the modern explorer. All the materials are ethically […]