LINLEY’s ‘LIGHTSCAPE’ Conjures Architectural Ambience With Modern Marquetry

Arthur Dodge October 28, 2015

LINLEY, the  British fine furniture and design company, launched the LIGHTSCAPE collection from its stand at Masterpiece London (June 30th to July 3rd). The LIGHTSCAPE theme is an exploration of light’s effects on modern architectural facades at different times of day. Each piece also has a practical purpose and serves its function with such aplomb that even Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey would approve. LINLEY  then presented the collection at Decorex International (September 20th to the 23rd) and went on to make a splash with it at the Monaco Yacht show (September 19th and 20th).

LINLEY Stand At Masterpiece – A collaboration with hand-made Wallpaper firm de Gourney [Click image for viewer]

While LINLEY is consummately British and celebrates the sociability of the English establishment, this London-based design firm and its founder, David Linley are in fact quite cosmopolitan. LINLEY has long been a leading proponent of well-crafted furniture pieces that incorporate applied arts such as marquetry into functional modern forms. In this respect they have an affinity with the design and decorative arts traditions of continental neighbors such as France and Italy.

LINLEY launches LIGHTSCAPE at Masterpiece London 2015

The marquetry clad surfaces of LINLEY’s new collection – LIGHTSCAPE – evoke the interplay of natural light and interior illumination, throughout the glass and steel facades of 21st century urban architecture, at intervals in the course of a typical day. What I find exciting about this collection and the emergent inlay arts, especially marquetry, is a realization, shared with many an artist-designer-craftsman, including David Linley and his studio, that marquetry’s narrative and illustrative impact is just beginning to find contemporary expression.


 The LIGHTSCAPE Collection

Each of the collection’s three designs has a motif related with a time of day, as well as a particular purpose and functionality. What follows are the three titles; beneath these you’ll find brief descriptions and images. There’s a lot more information available if you choose to follow any of the links provided below (in the links section of this post).

LIGHTSCAPE Sunrise – Gentleman’s Valet Cabinet

“Part of the ‘LIGHTSCAPE’ collection, a gentleman’s valet cabinet depicting a building in early morning light; its simple steel and glass structure bathed in a bright orange glow and shimmering as the city comes to life. The brilliant marquetry façade of birdseye maple veneers hand-dyed in copper tones and bleached sycamore is illuminated by iridescent mother of pearl, while grey tones of eucalyptus flow down the building, finishing in inky blue pools of shadow. . . . ”

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Lightscape-Sunrise-The Gentleman’s Valet Cabinet [Click image for viewer]

LIGHTSCAPE Noon – The City Bureau

“Part of the ‘LIGHTSCAPE’ collection, the City Bureau is a sophisticated solution to working at home. Reflecting the shifted angle of the sun, the building is cast in shadow; a calm backdrop to the energy flowing in the streets below. The marquetry façade of the bureau is controlled and refined, made up of hand-dyed grey eucalyptus and black sycamore veneers with mother of pearl subtly highlighting the ‘steel’ construction. . . . ”

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LIGHTSCAPE Dusk – The Coctails Console

“LIGHTSCAPE is completed by a spectacular drinks console that depicts a city building at night. The sun has set and the building is now transformed by light emanating from within. To represent this, opalescent mother of pearl shines through almost every window of the building while ash burr, dark grey eucalyptus and black sycamore veneers make up the delicately pieced together structure. The console is crowned by a splendid silver leaf eglomisé panel featuring a map of London.”

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LIGHTSCAPE Dusk – Drinks Console – Closed