Jeff Nelson’s “Ocean Paradise” Marquetry

Arthur Dodge August 4, 2010

Jeffrey Alan Nelson — Composing With Nature’s Palette

Jeff’s love for drawing and painting brought him to the San Francisco Art Institute in the mid 1970’s, where he discovered his passion for the inlay arts. Jeff has been perfecting his signature style of marquetry artwork and furniture design since he began working with the art form in 1978. He has followed his passion for illustrating natural, architectural and imaginary forms ever since.

Jeff Nelson Composing

“Learning to ‘see’ in the palette of natural materials — hardwoods, shells and minerals is a discipline that takes time and patience to master” states Jeff, “It’s a ‘whole being’ kind of involvement.”

Ocean Paradise Artwork

“Ocean Paradise” ( 6′ X 4′ Marquetry Art Panel )

One of the most striking elements in Jeff Nelson’s Ocean Paradise marquetry art panel is the rippling water that is rendered in an Aqua-dyed, figured Harewood. This 70″ X 48″ piece is mounted on an ultra-light honeycomb substrate, weighing only 45 pounds. These substrates are ultra-light yet very sturdy. They are being used by leading artists such as Yannick Chastang, Studios like ARYMA and design firms like LINLEY.  – AKD


“Honu”, Hawaiian for Sea Turtle, has been one of Jeff’s favorite motif’s since he composed his “Kauai Kingdom” piece after a “Vision Quest” Art safari to the island of Kauai.

“Honu” – Sea Turtle

Design and Fabrication

Jeff introduced the prototype for his “Ocean Paradise” design at the Hospitality and Design Expo in Las Vegas last May. Hewill start producing them on a make-to-order basis this summer and, as is common practice among leading marquetry artists, will be able to design custom variations on this and other themes.

Parrot Fish with Paua Abalone

“Ocean Paradise” is the latest in a series of undersea artworks by this nature loving artist. Here are two of his earlier pieces: the “Ocean Paradise” triptych and “Kauai Kingdom”.

The “Ocean Paradise” Triptych by Jeff Nelson

The “Ocean Paradise” Triptych

“Kauai Kingdom” by Jeff Nelson

“Kauai Kingdom”