Aoi Huber Kono’s Magical Intarsia Design

Arthur Dodge December 5, 2014


Aoi Huber Kono designed  the ‘Magic little squares’ credenza for Laurameroni Design’s Intarsia collection.

Quadratini Magici  limited edition Intarsia collection credenza by Aoi Huber Kono

The Laurameroni Intarsia collection

The Laurameroni Intarsia collection is an extraordinary collaboration that brought together an upscale contemporary furniture brand, a traditional master craftsman and his atelier, and an international group of avant-garde artists, designers and architects. This story deserves telling and I’ll do a feature on it soon.

Detail of Quadratini Magici

Bruno Longoni’s Atelier d’arredamento

In 2005 Laurameroni Design commissioned master craftsman Bruno Longoni to produce a limited edition of thirty-three numbered and signed versions of Aoi Huber Kono’s QUADRATINI MAGICI design. These credenzas are functional furniture pieces transformed into paintings through the use of intarsia, a form of inlay similar to marquetry, in which an artist’s drawing is rendered with a palette of specially prepared hardwood veneers.

Aoi Huber Kono

Aoi Huber Kono,  Designer – Artist  [Photo:, Tokyo]
Aoi Huber Kono was born in Tokyo in 1936. Her father, Takashi Kono, is one of Japan’s all-time most influential graphic designers. She was nurtured in a creative and inspiring atmosphere at home, attended art school and graduated from the Tokyo’s University of Art and Music.

She traveled to Stockholm in 1960. where she continued studying graphic design. This began the European part of her life.

In 1961 she moved to Milan and started working with famed Swiss graphic designer Max Huber. Max and Aoi married and in 1970 they moved to the Canton of Ticino.

Max Huber with Aoi Kono
[Photo: Hans D. Reichart – AGI]
Aoi Huber Kono developed her own signature design style and this resulted in a wide variety of international shows and commissions for pottery, toys, fabrics and carpets.

From the late seventies to the early eighties she mastered the art of engraving under the tutelage of master engraver Angelo Tenchio and continued exhibiting her work internationally.

After the passing of her husband Max Huber (b 1919, d 1992) she founded the max huber.kono foundation and began planning to build the M.A.X. Museo in Chiasso, Switzerland. The Museum, dedicated to perpetuating the brilliant legacies of Aoi Huber Kono’s Father, Takashi Kono, and husband, Max Huber, opened in 2005, the same year that her QUADRATINI MAGICI limited edition art piece was launched by Laurameroni Design.

M.A.X. Museo in Chiasso Switzerland [Photo:]