Inlay Arts News Roundup

Welcome to Inlay Arts News Roundup where I’ll publish curated sets of 4 news items with links to source materials and related posts. As stories come to my attention I’ll add them to a News Roundup post. Here are the first 4 stories; let me know via comments what you think and what kinds of stories you’d like me to cover. I’ll publish them in sets of 4 as part of my blog post stream.

Toby Winteringham’s Theatric Marquetry Tribute

Toby Winteringham’s theatrical Rep Credenza, commissioned for the Birmingham Reperatory Theatre’s hospitality suite, is a marquetry tribute to his father, Graham Winteringham. The recently refurbished theatre was originally designed and built under the direction of Graham Winteringham’s architectural firm in 1971.

Artist Profile: Silas Kopf

Silas Kopf has mastered the art of marquetry and is an accomplished artist and furniture designer-craftsman working from his studio in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Originally from Pennsylvania, he graduated from Princeton University with a degree in architecture. However, realizing that the arts and fine woodworking suited his temperament better, he landed a two year apprenticeship with studio furniture pioneer Wendell Castle. He later encountered the Art Nouveau furniture of Émile Gallé and Louis Majorelle. He decided to master marquetry to create a signature style and establish his niche in the studio furniture field.