Art Deco Commission Raises Tone of Residential Remodel

Interior designer Jennifer Bonasia’s design brief for fine furniture designer-craftsman Craig Thibodeau was for him to create a dining room table and buffet that would evoke the elegance of Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann’s Paris for this 2004 remodel of a 1980’s home in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Benjamin Graindorge’s Poetic Vision For Marquetry

Benjamin Graindorge designed two furniture pieces for the YMER&MALTA exhibit “Marquetry: The Sleeping Beauty” at Design Miami/Basel 2014. The names and furniture types of these commissions are: CloudInChest – a cabinet; and InMySkin – a table.

Marquetry Reimagined: Black Snake Blues

Black Snake Blues is designer Sylvain Rieu Piquet’s piece for the “Marquetry: The Sleeping Beauty” exhibit, commissioned by YMER&MALTA for Design Miami/Basel 2014. It demonstrates the visual power of marquetry.

Marquetry Kahuna Silas Kopf’s Flukelele

Now, Silas Kopf is a serious artist with an irrepressible whimsical streak, and a conventional tenor uke seemed a tad boring. So, why not blend his frosty New England-Atlantic origins with his balmy Hawaiian-Pacific inclinations? Hence the “Flukelele” was born.