Arthur Dodge started, LLC in February of 2010. is a website/blog that is a curated source of news and inspiration about the inlay arts, including: marquetry; inlay; parquetry and fine veneering.

The Inlay Arts

The Inlay Arts are an interrelated group of art forms, including: marquetry; parquetry; inlay; stone inlay (Pietre Dure); intarsia and veneering. The Inlay Arts are considered fine crafts when applied to functional objects such as furniture, musical instruments and personal accessories. They are also highly prized by many best-in-class luxury brands as hand-crafted enhancements [Examples: […]


Marquetry is the art of using a palette of select hardwood, shell and stone veneers to “paint a picture.” Appropriate veneers are chosen according to their natural coloring, tone, texture, grain and other qualities. The various shapes used in the image are carefully cut from the chosen materials and precisely fitted together. “Demystifying marquetry and […]


Inlay is the embedding of wood, shell, metal, or other natural materials into pockets routed into the surface of a piece of solid material, using hammers and other specialized tools. As with marquetry, it is a precise and time-consuming process that creates stunning results. Marquetry is more prevalent in the Western culture and inlay is more related to Far Eastern culture. Asian inlay techniques evolved into two distinct styles, One is mostly practised in Asia and is comprised of thin veneers adhered to a lacquer base and brought to a fine lacquer finish. This form is mostly practiced in Asia. The other is the one described above and has been adopted by contemporary inlay artists and applied to fine furniture, objets d’art and musical instruments, especially guitars.


Parquetry Parquetry is similar to marquetry, using veneers of hardwoods and other materials to create decorative geometric patterns; sometimes contrasting the colors, grains, figures and tonalities; and sometimes accentuating the chattoyant qualities of the materials. At its best, marquetry is an orderly pursuit that involves graphic art and careful work. Parquetry, on the other hand, requires […]