Jeff Nelson’s Illustrative Marquetry Art

“Threshold Of Summer”   As an observant viewer you’ll notice the ambiguities presented by this scene. You’re standing across the creek, or in the creek looking through the flora, being observed by the fauna as you approach: the koi in the creek; the lizard going up the stairs; the pair of rabbits on the stair […]

Paul Schurch’s Blackberry Dining Suite with Marquetry and Pietra Dure

When Paul Schurch received a design proposal request from a “high-tech wizard and patron of the arts” in Seattle, he recognized the kind of complex furniture project that was a good match for his highly developed skill sets. The client’s brief specified “a marquetry table to seat four persons, expandable to seat sixteen. Design to include sixteen matching chairs.” The hallmarks were all there: highly detailed; remarkably different; mechanically challenging. They arranged to meet.