Craig Thibodeau’s New Marquetry and Parquetry Pieces – Part 3-of-3

Part 3 – Benefits of learning and teaching Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Blog Post About in the “Editor’s Mailbox” blog post written by Ed Pirnik received a comment from a woodworker wanting to know how he could learn to do marquetry and inlay. The  answer is: “There’s an abundance of “edutainment” resources ranging from Inlay Arts makers who […]

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Blog Post About just published a post about on their “The Editor’s Mailbox” blog. Fine’s Web Producer, Ed Pirnik, wrote the post for the blog as well as a post on the Fine Woodworking Facebook page. [ “A New Home For Mouth-Watering Marquetry”.] Arthur Kim Dodge’s new website on Inlay Arts certainly goes a long way when […]