Craig Thibodeau’s New Marquetry and Parquetry Pieces – Part 2-of-3

Part 2 – Parquetry Pieces Craig Thibodeau recently posted a few new Parquetry projects to the portfolio section of the website ( that are worth a look. First is the final piece in a five piece bedroom set designed by the client in collaboration with one of the galleries that sells his work*. I call it […]

Craig Thibodeau's New Marquetry and Parquetry Pieces – Part 1-of-3

Part 1 – Blanket Chests  The design of the Gladiola Blanket Chest came from my desire to move away from Dogwood flower marquetry and curved panels and instead make something using only straight lines and new floral imagery.  The white Gladiola flowers seem especially dramatic against the darker background of the Tineo veneer and the […]

Jeff Nelson’s New Rainforest Triptych

Jeff Nelson follows his passion for illustrating natural, architectural and imaginary forms with marquetry by periodically embarking on vision quests to some of the world’s most spectacular locations. He practices the art of ‘seeing’ and rendering natural imagery with a sharp drawing pencil and a palette of natural materials. It’s no coincidence that his home […]