Two Marquetry Mirrors From Linley

Two Marquetry Border Mirrors From Linley A Late 20th Century Marquetry border mirror with Sycamore, Amboyna and Santos Rosewood is being sold at Christie’s UK Christies Auction Features Linley Marquetry David Linley Perspective Mirror from Linley

Guest posting and comments policy’s guest posting and comments policy Many of my correspondents prefer to comment via email or other media rather than use the comments field in the blog. In the spirit of advocacy for the Inlay Arts and to share their insights with our community, I’ve adopted the following policies: Place insightful quotes from conversations into […]

Silas Kopf's 'Founding Fathers Writing Table'

Silas Kopf shared his thoughts with me about his ‘Founding Fathers Writing Table’. Like the Founding Fathers, Silas Kopf is a master at his vocation with a knack for being where the action is. So when curators and fellow master woodworkers Bill Jewel and Jacques Vesery invited him to participate in the “National Treasures: History in the Making” exhibit at the Architectural Digest show (March 18 – 21, 2010) in New York City, he was ready.

Matthew Werner’s Fine Marquetry Furniture

Early roots in nature lead to PhD in ecology “My connections to the natural world are rooted in my childhood, when my family spent summers on the Delaware River and I was free to roam field and forest.” Matthew Werner Matthew Werner has felt deeply connected to nature ever since these childhood sojourns on the Delaware […]

Craig Thibodeau’s Dogwood Marquetry Buffet

Craig Thibodeau’s expanding design vocabulary Craig Thibodeau sent photos of his new ‘dogwood marquetry buffet’, so I’ll focus this post on Craig’s dogwood theme – a fine example of marquetry’s affinity for natural imagery. In a recent post – Craig Thibodeau’s Art Deco Chess Table – I presented some of his Art Deco pieces. Silas […]