Chuck Erikson – The Duke of Pearl

Chuck and Cheryl Erikson I called my friends Chuck and Cheryl Erikson; I’m happy to report that they are doing great, keeping up with family, friends and community. The Duke of Pearl Chuck is exuberant about his business, The Duke of Pearl, purveyor of all things nacreous, testicular and chatoyant. Ever the alchemist, he’s come […]

Gregg Novosad, Divine Design – Marrying Technology with Creativity

Craftsman and Teacher Gregg Novosad is combining an expertise in 21st century technology with a mastery of fine furniture making to explore new illustrative and expressive possibilities for marquetry and other forms of decorative veneering. He has been published in Fine Woodworking, Woodwork and Woodworker’s Journal magazines, and is listed in Wood magazine’s “Gallery of […]

William Tunberg – Fine Artist and Creator of Marquetry Sculpture

Creating Marquetry Sculpture “In creating marquetry sculpture, I call upon my lifelong love of assemblage and classical drawing. My materials are exotic natural and dyed veneers that I fragment, assemble, and reassemble, and ultimately laminate over complex sculptural forms of my own devising. I consider the resulting imagery as personal narratives expressed in my own […]

Toby Winteringham – PATTERNITY and Grace

Recently Toby Winteringham teamed up with his daughter, Grace Winteringham to create three new furniture collections with colorfully patterned marquetry designs for her company PATTERNITY. These designs are: Shift; Bird; and Phase.

More Contemporary Art Marquetry

You will enjoy seeing Trippin’ Up, Jay Stanger’s 1993 piece at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, and reading what he has to say about it. His approach opens my mind to studio furniture that playfully integrates function with sculpture in a way that I find enchanting – an unexpected affect… […]