Craig Vandall Stevens – New book about marquetry

The Fine Art of Marquetry by Craig Vandall Stevens (author and teacher) can now be pre-ordered. Craig Vandall Stevens is a skilled furniture maker, marquetarian and an excellent teacher. WoodTreks Video Profile: Furniture Maker Craig Vandall Stevens Link to WoodTreks, Keith Cruikshank’s video blog for wood art and wood craft enthusiasts.

Marquetry and inlay ripple effects

Each experience, and post, creates a ripple effect of ideas and associations. I’ll reflect on some of these via smaller posts. I’m eager to introduce you to leading artists, collectors and others involved in the inlay arts. I want to tell you about what interests me and learn what interests you. We’ll have to be […]

Silas Kopf – "National Treasures: History in the Making"

Silas Kopf Woodworking A note from Silas Kopf Woodworking regarding the “Founding Fathers Writing Table” ~ The wood for this piece all came from Virginia plantations of Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Patrick Henry). There are fifteen different species used. The background of the top is horse chestnut and is documented as having been […]

Silas Kopf – "Bad Hare Day" at the Renwick

Bad Hare Day by Silas Kopf Silas Kopf’s fusion of form, function and concept grounds his characteristic wit and sense of irony in Bad Hare Day. This exquisitely crafted oval cabinet is the stage for an incongruous marquetry drama; a sleek red-coated fox is being chased by a trio of emboldened hares. This piece is […]

Jay Stanger’s Multidimensional Marquetry Sculptures

Jay Stanger uses marquetry to bring multidimensionality to his functional sculptures “Stanger uses marquetry to bring a painterly quality to his colorful wooden sculptures, which sell for $15,000 to $100,000. “It is a way to incorporate drawing skills into my work,” he says. “It gives a three-dimensional quality to a two-dimensional surface. It turns the […]